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Short news items in the front of the magazine.

December 2007 Issue Deadly Orbits: A trip on the space shuttle makes bacteria temporarily more virulent

In Focus

Feature articles for the web site.

14 February 2005 Capturing Carbon Dioxide


Daily news items from the web site. From September 2004 to January 2005 I worked as a half-time intern at, getting experience with these fast turnaround news stories.

3 December 2004 Even at Low Levels, Benzene Takes Toll on White Blood Cells
23 November 2004 Digital Analysis "Fingerprints" Artists
19 November 2004 Fossil Find Sheds Light on Great Ape Ancestry
15 November 2004 Physicists Find Strong Evidence for New State of Superconductivity
8 November 2004 Speaking Tonal Languages Promotes Perfect Pitch
4 November 2004 California Bets Big on Stem Cell Research
29 October 2004 Compound Slows Key Step in Alzheimer's
26 October 2004 How Low-Cal Diet Lengthens Fruit Fly Life Span
21 October 2004 Experiments Claim to See Einstein's “Frame Dragging”
18 October 2004 NASA Identifies “Likely Direct Cause” of Genesis Crash
15 October 2004 Amphibians Suffering Unprecedented Decline, Global Study Finds
8 October 2004 Stem Cells Secrete Healing Chemicals
4 October 2004 Isaac Newton's Legacy on Display at New York Public Library
28 September 2004 Researchers Use DNA to Track Illegal Ivory Trade
24 September 2004 Ancient Long-Necked Reptile Was Stealthy Suction Feeder
21 September 2004 GM Pollen Spreads Much Farther Than Previously Thought
17 September 2004 In Nicaragua, a Language is Born
10 September 2004 Co-extinction Analysis Darkens Biodiversity Picture
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