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Physics, sponsored by the American Physical Society, aims to "spotlight exceptional research." Viewpoints are longer pieces putting a new journal article in context, analogous to Nature's "News and Views" or Science's "Perspectives." They are written by scientific experts, and I help with their editing.

Two Photons into One October 22, 2014 Researchers track the conversion of two isolated photons into a new one.
Hiking Trails in Attosecond Landscapes May 19, 2014 Researchers improved the attosecond radiation from a liberated and recapture electron by shaping the electric-field variation of the ionizing laser within a cycle.
Remote Controlled Entanglement April 28, 2014 Two distant qubits are entangled by making a microwave-based measurement of their combined state.
“Snowflake Crystal” Traps Light and Sound April 14, 2014 A two-dimensional structure enhances the interactions of light and mechanical vibrations by trapping them in the same place.
A Particle Accelerator in the Radiation Belts December 2, 2013 Satellites detect layers of charge that could provide the key first step in accerating electrons trapped in the earth's magentic field to surprisingly high energies.
Localize and Conquer! September 11, 2013 By using two competing light beams, researchers select for excitation only those atoms with a region much smaller than the wavelenght of light.
Stellar Abundances: Better Measured Than Predicted August 5, 2013 New measurements of the masses of neutron-rich nuclei show current theoretical values are not good enough to test how heavy elements came to be.
Shedding Light on a Quantum Black Box March 25, 2013 Mapping out a quantum transformation even though it is irreversible and probabilistic.
Not Every Exit is an Entrance July 16, 2012 Experiments confirm a way to prevent light from retracing its steps that doesn't need magnets.
Unifying liquid and Granular Flow October 24, 2011 Experiments support a conceptual framework that encompasses both granular materials and suspensions
Light control takes wing September 26, 2011 Metamaterials derived from insect wings show the best-yet control of optical properties.
Quantum simulation hits the open road September 12, 2011 Breaking a simulation up into pieces emulates quantum systems that interact with the wider world, not just "closed," isolated systems.
Cosmic smoothness June 13, 2011 On the largest observable length scales, the clumpiness of the universe is less than expected.
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