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Among the activities at the The New York Academy of Sciences are symposia that draw scientists from the New York metropolitan area to hear both local and nonlocal speakers. These symposia are captured in "eBriefings," which include a semi-technical description of the event for less specialized audiences, which are what I have written. In addition, the audio and slides for the event are usually posted online.


NOTE: NYAS redesigns their site from time to time, leaving some of the earlier links here broken. Also, some of them are only viewable in full by NYAS members.

The Physics of Everything posted September 22, 2016
Leveraging Big Data and Predictive Knowledge to Fight Disease posted September 29, 2015
Fifty Years of the Genetic Code: Honoring the Legacy of Marshall Nirenberg posted October 14, 2014
Nanomedicines: Addressing the Scientific and Regulatory Gap posted March 28, 2014
Nanotechnologies in Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prevention posted September 4, 2013
The MicroRNA Revolution--The 2012 Dr. Paul Janssen Award Symposium posted November 14, 2012
Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum--Computing posted February 16, 2012
Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum--General posted February 16, 2012
RECOMB Regulatory Genomics/Systems Biology/DREAM Conference 2010 posted April 24, 2011
HIV/AIDS Vaccines and Alternate Strategies for Treatment and Prevention posted July 26, 2010
Green Building Solutions: What's Working?
Part 3: Post-occupancy Evaluation
posted June 15, 2010
Green Building Solutions: What's Working?
Part 2: Achieving Energy Efficiency with Simple Technologies
posted April 15, 2010
RECOMB Regulatory Genomics/Systems Biology/DREAM Conference 2009 posted March 25, 2010
Growth Networks: Systems Biology Meets Developmental Biology posted January 10, 2010
Short RNAs in Stress and Longevity: Regulatory Pathways posted October 13, 2009
Zero Net Energy Buildings: Reality or Fiction
Part IV: Financial Incentives and Valuation
posted August 20, 2009
Zero Net Energy Buildings: Reality or Fiction
Part III: WBCSD Report
posted June 11, 2009
Profiles in Pluripotence: Systems Biology of Stem Cells posted May 18, 2009
Neural Architecture: Systems Approaches to Brain Structure and Function posted March 20, 2009
Zero Net Energy Buildings: Reality or Fiction?
Part II: Case Studies
posted February 27, 2009
Crossing Paths: The RECOMB Regulatory Genomics/Systems Biology/DREAM Conference posted January 14, 2009
Zero Net Energy Buildings: Reality or Fiction?
Part I: Definitions
posted November 21, 2008
Convergent Revolution: Evolutionary Systems Biology posted August 13, 2008
On Target: Therapeutic Opportunities of siRNAs and Antagomirs posted August 1, 2008
Go Deep: New Tools for Sequencing DNA and RNA posted April 24, 2008
Integration and Invention: Frontiers of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology posted April 7, 2008
Educated Guesses: The Second Dialogue on Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods (DREAM) posted February 27, 2008
Tools for Assembly: Bioinspiration in Materials Science posted January 11, 2008
A Light Touch: Nanoscale Applications of Holography posted January 9, 2008
Dissecting Switches: Biophysical Models of Gene Regulation posted August 24, 2007
A Fruitful Correspondence: The Ninth Northeast String Cosmology Meeting posted August 8, 2007
Going for the Code: Regulation of mRNA Processing posted July 26, 2007
Mechanisms of Action: Model-Based Drug Design posted July 12, 2007
Coming Full Circle: The Genetics of Gene Expression posted May 8, 2007
Evolution, Health, and Disease: Darwinian Approaches to Medicine posted Ma 2, 2007
All Physics Great and Small: Explorations in String Cosmology posted March 2, 2007
DIMACS Workshop on the Dialogue on Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods (DREAM) posted January 5, 2007
Toward a Science of Trading: The Quantitative Finance Symposium posted January 4, 2007
Windows on Genetics: Computational Methods for Studying Gene Function posted December 1, 2006
Vision Quest: Connecting Spontaneous Neural Activity and Perception posted October 30, 2006
Advances in Sodium MRI: Applications for the Brain, Cartilage, and Heart posted September 29, 2006
Completing the Circle: Neural Pathways of Immune Regulation posted August 9, 2006
The DREAM Project: Assessing the accuracy of reverse-engineering methods posted July 12, 2006
Anatomy of a Tremor: On the Molecular Basis of Parkinson's Disease posted May 16, 2006
Turning to the Light: New Methods in Optical Medical Imaging posted January 23, 2006
Hairballs and Other Sloppy Models: Analyzing Complex Phenotypes posted January 11, 2006
By the Numbers: Quantitative Modeling of Biological Systems posted November 8, 2005
Finding Your Inner Network: Reverse Engineering Makes Sense of Genetic Expression posted June 23, 2005

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Stopping the Clock: Diverse Components of Aging posted January 8, 2007
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