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MRS, the Materials Research Society, brings together researchers interested in materials, whether they have a background in chemistry, biology, materias science, physics, electrical engineering, biology, or something else.

The MRS Bulletin is the society's general-interest journal, and each monthly issue features several articles addressing a particular theme.

I have acted as science editor for several issues, meaning that I worked with other editors and the authors to edit every feature article and the associated images for content. I have also done quick-turnaround Meeting Scene reports on special talks at MRS meetings.

Fall 2022 Meeting Scene reports on short talks by winners of MRS awards Chad Mirkin, George Schatz, Kelsey Stoerzinger, Aaswath Raman, Liang Feng, and Kenji Yasuda and
Symposium X talk by
Jennifer Hollingsworth.
November 2022
Spring 2021 Meeting Scene reports on talks by Kavli Lectureship winner Sossina Haile and
Syposium X speaker Benjamin Tee
April 2022
Fall 2021 Meeting Scene reports on talks by Von Hippel Award winner Harry Atwater, Kavli Lectureship winner J. Fraser Stoddart, Syposium X speaker Naomi Halas, and invited speakers George Malliaras, Kris Reyes, Ursula Wurstbauer, Tomas Polacios, Maria Antonietta Loi, and Patrice Genevet. December 2021
Historical Note: Building a Better Battery March 2020
Fall 2019 Meeting Scene reports on talks by Brian Litt, award winners Paula Hammond, Catherine Murphy, Haimei Zheng, Lu Sham, and Silvia Vignolini, and Francesco Stellacci December 2019
Spring 2019 Meeting Scene reports on talks by Sheng Xu and Molly Stevens April 2019
Fall 2018 Meeting Scene reports on talks by Dae-Hyeong Kim, John Rogers, and Erik Bakkers November 2018
Spring 2018 Meeting Scene reports on talks by Vanessa Wood, Clara Santato, and David Mooney April 2018
Fall 2017 Meeting Scene reports on talks by Margaret Murnane, Glenn H. Fredrickson, Jennifer Lewis, and Xiaobo Yin December 2017
Spring 2017 Meeting Scene reports on talks by Jennifer A. Dionne, Joseph M. DeSimone, and David Weitz April 2017
Fall 2016 Meeting Scene reports on talks by Alan Taub, Charles M. Lieber, and Andrea Alù December 2016
Materials and Engineering: Propelling Innovation December 2015
Graphene: Fundamentals and Functionalities November 2012
Materials for Sustainable Development April 2012
Superconductivity at 100--Where we've been and where we're going August 2011
Structural Metals at Extremes December 2010
Responsive Materials September 2010


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